A strong online brand helps Realtors market

Strong Online Brand helps Realtors marketReal estate professionals are small business owners and marketing is one of the most time-consuming, taxing and absolutely essential tasks for any business.

The key to good marketing for a Realtor is creating a brand – your brand ­– and making it stand out recognizably against the crowd.

As homebuyers turn more and more to the Internet when considering real estate, it’s key for Realtors to have a strong online brand.

Here are a few tips to help you build brand awareness and distinguish yourself and your services.


First: Develop a valuable website

Establishing a personal professional website is an essential step in developing your brand. It gives you platform to tell potential clients about yourself, your experience and your values.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to tell clients and potential clients exactly what you want them to know.

A website is also a good place to market your product. Showcase featured properties on your site and draw clients in with useful information about the local real estate market.


Second,Use social media smartly

It’s one thing to have a facebook page. It’s something else entirely to use facebook as a marketing tool. Make sure you have a professional facebook page, complete with your logo and professional photos of yourself.

Target your market and visit the facebook pages your future clients use. Make comments and offer helpful advise when you can. But don’t overdo it.

Include the community. Like facebook pages for local businesses in the areas where you do the most business. Follow those businesses and attend their events.

Draw clients in with contests and sweepstakes. If your company is offering any giveaways, link to them and encourage clients to take advantage of the opportunities.

Share useful content from your company or even local media that highlight local trends or interesting information about the market or your brand.


Third, use email respectfully

Don’t send out too many emails. They get lost and people unsubscribe from your list. But a monthly newsletter filled with useful information about the neighborhoods you work in and the current real estate market can be relevant to possible new clients and to your existing client base.

Reaching out to existing clients with useful and interesting information reminds them of you and their fondness for you. That will make them more likely to refer you to friends.


Finally, don’t forget to leave the computer

Use the Internet to find your way to valuable networking events. As much as the Internet has become the lynchpin of real estate searches, people still want to meet their agents in person before they sign on.

And don’t forget to include links to your website on everything you post. That way people can find their way to you and contact you directly with questions.