MCNE Courses Now Available in Colorado for 2012

Negotiation at the Master Level

The Certified Negotiation Expert courses that I’ve previously featured in my blog are now going to be offered at another level higher!

Meet the MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) designation, a series of courses that guide you into becoming a Master Negotiator!

The classes are on our calendar throughout the year and in multiple Colorado locations, taught by Oliver Frascona and Bruce Dunning.

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FHA changing regulations on files opened after April 1

The Federal Housing Administration is making some changes to its loan programs that could impact Colorado homebuyers and homeowners who want to refinance with an FHA loan. It’s important for Colorado mortgage brokers and real estate agents to know about the changes, which will impact any FHA case numbers assigned after April 1.

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DORA newsletter outlines new continuing education regulations

There have been some changes to continuing education requirements for Colorado real estate agents and mortgage brokers working in every field of the industry from HOA management to standard residential sales.

Wile it’s always important to stay on top of your continuing education credits and courses, the Colorado Division of Real Estate has been conducting random audits to ensure all Realtors and mortgage brokers are up to date and in compliance with continuing education courses.

The newsletter is filled with good information about changes in regulations and new course options. Click here to download it.

NAR releases sunny housing market forecast

nar releases sunny housing forecastThe National Association of Realtors offered favorable market predictions into 2014 at its annual conference. Assuming the Federal government can steer clear of the “fiscal cliff,” the residential real estate market should continue its recovery and home prices should continue to rise, according to association predictions. See the complete NAR forecast here.

A strong online brand helps Realtors market

Strong Online Brand helps Realtors marketReal estate professionals are small business owners and marketing is one of the most time-consuming, taxing and absolutely essential tasks for any business.

The key to good marketing for a Realtor is creating a brand – your brand ­– and making it stand out recognizably against the crowd.

As homebuyers turn more and more to the Internet when considering real estate, it’s key for Realtors to have a strong online brand.

Here are a few tips to help you build brand awareness and distinguish yourself and your services.

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Colorado Real Estate Commission changes continuing education requirement

Important Information for Colorado Real Estate Professionals:

important infoOn Oct. 2, 2012, The Colorado Real Estate Commission adopted changes to Rule B-2, Methods of completing continuing education. The revised rule replaces the “Broker Transition”course with the newly developed 24-hour “Broker Reactivation”course. Starting, Jan. 1, 2013, Licensees returning to active status from inactive or expired status will be encouraged to take the new “Broker Reactivation” course if they are unable to satisfy the education requirements found in B-2(a). Continue reading

Multiple Offers Take Realtors By Surprise

Don’t let multiple offers on your real estate listings catch you off guard!

multiple offersOur real estate market has done an about face in the past few months. Real estate agents had grown accustomed to long listing periods and tough negotiations as buyers took advantage of a market that was definitely in their favor.  With the markets dramatic shift to a sellers market many real estate professionals have been caught off guard when not one, but two or three offers are presented within days. Continue reading

Is it Possible the Housing Crisis Will End in 2012?

Major National Players Predict Housing Recovery in 2012

Housing Crisis End 2012?A couple of articles from DSNews have caught my eye this year. They involve heavy predictions of ends to the housing crisis and a dramatic improvement in housing prices. Continue reading

2012 – Are You Tech-Savvy Enough for the Newest Homebuyers?

Web Marketing Goes Beyond the Laptop

According to the latest market research from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, adults in the US are more and more dependent on their cell phones (especially smartphones), for the web browsing activities they used to perform on their laptops.

Consider the following statistics:

  • In 2011, 84% of adults have a cell phone
  • 1/3 of these are smartphone users
  • Smartphone users are highest in the 18-49 year old age bracket
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Get the Most Out of Your Mandatory Update Courses

Procrastination–We All Do It (And Shouldn’t)

It’s the end of the year, or at least very close, and that means for many of the instructors, especially those teaching the CREC Mandatory Update courses, classrooms will be filled with procrastinators who got caught in the trap of waiting until the holiday season to complete their required credits!

We’re all busy professionals. We all get caught up in the daily activities required to meet various family and work obligations. There are good justifications for why taking our mandatory CE classes is a task that can wait until “next month.” Continue reading