Spotlight on SRES®

Colorado is a Retiree HotSpot has recently named Colorado Springs as one of the nation’s 10 fastest growing retiree communities. Mountain towns and the Denver area are also unquestionably popular with the retirement crowd.

Those of us who live here know the many reasons to love our beautiful and vibrant state, and have little reason to question the logic behind this popularity.

Of course, any demographic shift is of particular interest to small business and service providers. Catering to the market’s needs requires constant maintenance of our skills and the ability to acquire expertise on the subjects that matter most to our clients. Continue reading

Self Improvement Month – Update Your Skills

September is Self-Improvement Month

As pointed out by the New York Times in an article on honoring this month of self-improvement, fall is such an appropriate time to take a class and work on your goals with renewed vigor. Why? Maybe because the spirit of “back-to-school” is so ingrained in our culture. It’s everywhere you look this time of year!

Good at any Age

Learning new skills and educating yourself is not something reserved for just the young. It’s also a proven way to keep yourself young at heart. And in our era of rapidly accelerating technology and evolving business environments, it can be immensely easier to have someone who is a master of their topic take you by the hand and give you the most essential information without all of the “trial and error.”

For Real Estate professionals, it’s not just technology and environment that are rapidly changing, but also local and national regulations. When you compound the multiple reasons on why it’s a good idea with the CE requirements for many licensures and designations, continuing education becomes a topic that is impossible to ignore.

Take Action

According to the same NY Times article I referenced above:

Allison Carman, a life coach, business consultant and author, says that September is her busiest time of the year. She calls it the “Power Month,” the month to take action.

Wow, “Power Month.” That truly says it all. Knowledge can be incredibly empowering. So put some power behind your business and personal goals. Read a new book, take a course, get organized. Whatever you undertake, the effort will be well worth it!

Spotlight on: “Certified Negotiation Expert Seminar”

Real Estate Negotiation Tools

One of the great recurring courses on our calendar is the Certified Negotiation Expert Seminar. The course is one that is offered at multiple locations nationwide, so if you don’t see one scheduled near you for this month, be sure to scroll ahead to find additional dates and cities. Some of the topics covered include: Psychology of Buying, Persuasion Principles and Skills Practice plus many more. If you would like to know when to apply a win-win collaborative negotiation approach to your bargaining, and when to take a harder line, then this course will show you.

Practical Applications of CNE Skills

In other words, have you ever been in a situation where you and another agent are butting heads? As a buyer’s agent, you are seeking to be more than someone who merely holds open a door. You need the skills to negotiate price and terms to closing. As a listing agent, your job is to protect your seller’s equity and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly despite the potentially rocky real estate climate. There are multiple opportunities throughout for needs and interests to collide.

How should you approach inspection issues, the need to extend deadlines, lender issues, or appraisal issues? What if your buyers want immediate occupancy and the seller won’t budge? Learn how to handle situations with wisdom and class. In your real estate community, having a good reputation among other brokers is critical to establishing a successful career. If on the other hand, poor negotiation skills gain you a “bad” reputation then your listings may be overlooked or even avoided by other brokers.

That’s where this class comes in! Here’s from the official description for the CNE Program as described by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute:

One of the top designation courses in real estate taught nationally by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. This 2-day course offers professional negotiation and business building training.

Attendees Receive

  • 2-days of professional negotiation and business building training
  • Certified Negotiation Expert designation awarded at end of Day 2
  • Continuing Education Credit Hours
  • Quarterly newsletters with advanced negotiation tips and advice
  • Access to leading edge negotiation research to use in real estate negotiation

As always, you can enroll and pay online through the Educated Minds interactive calendar

Spotlight on: “Google for Real Estate”

Featuring Great Real Estate Continuing Education

Get ready for our ongoing series of posts–the Spotlight series. This is a fun way for us at Educated Minds to highlight a different course each post (out of the many great classes available on our calendar). We’ll let you know why Real Estate Agents will want to hurry up and get enrolled in the continuing education opportunity offered by the featured class. We may tackle questions about whether or not the course is a requirement for licensure, what perks or side benefits might be included, and also let you know if there’s been any buzz about the topic or the instructor.

Here’s from the official description for our first Spotlight course:

The “Google For Real Estate Academy” is a fun, informative seminar on how to use Google’s technology in both your personal life and your “Real Estate” career.

From my perspective, it certainly seems like Google is here to stay as the driving force in internet marketing–at least for the foreseeable future.Part of the greatest challenge in fully utilizing the Google tools for boosting Real Estate success lies in simply identifying all the different Google products and their uses.

Course Highlights

This is a “back by popular demand” course
Multiple dates/locations make it easier to attend
Freebies! (Google software/services)
Information on increasing visibility

Don’t miss the return of this dynamic course! As always, you can enroll and pay online through our interactive calendar.