Get the Most Out of Your Mandatory Update Courses

Procrastination–We All Do It (And Shouldn’t)

It’s the end of the year, or at least very close, and that means for many of the instructors, especially those teaching the CREC Mandatory Update courses, classrooms will be filled with procrastinators who got caught in the trap of waiting until the holiday season to complete their required credits!

We’re all busy professionals. We all get caught up in the daily activities required to meet various family and work obligations. There are good justifications for why taking our mandatory CE classes is a task that can wait until “next month.”

The Trouble With Waiting

The problem with all of our good reasoning is that taking your courses at the end of the year means, well, your information is going to be received at the end of the class cycle. While the course is still good, great in fact, wouldn’t it have made more sense to:

  1. Get the newest info while it was still NEW,
  2. Have the peace of mind that a requirement had been checked off your to-do list?

Next Year, Sign Up Early

If you have waited this year and now find yourself in the position of needing to take the CREC Mandatory Update course quickly, head over to our calendar and find one that fits your schedule. There are plenty in the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs area.

Looking forward, make your plan to take the course again in the first quarter of calendar year 2012 (and every year thereafter).


  • You’ll get to put the newest info to work, faster
  • The requirement won’t lurk in your mind, or on your calendar, for another year
  • Your money and time spent on the course will provide the best possible return