MCNE Courses Now Available in Colorado for 2012

Negotiation at the Master Level

The Certified Negotiation Expert courses that I’ve previously featured in my blog are now going to be offered at another level higher!

Meet the MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) designation, a series of courses that guide you into becoming a Master Negotiator!

The classes are on our calendar throughout the year and in multiple Colorado locations, taught by Oliver Frascona and Bruce Dunning.


A lot of agents have already taken the 2-day CNE courses in the past, and that’s a great foundation for continuing to the rest of the MCNE work.

However, although the CNE is required in order to complete the MCNE certification, it doesn’t have to be taken as the first course. It’s still strongly recommended as it makes for good preparation.

Required Courses

  • Certified Negotiation Expert (2 days)
    • The original core course in negotiation
  • Mastering Email Negotiations in Real Estate (1 day)
    • Knowing when its acceptable or advisable to utilize written mediums for negotiation purposes, and how to overcome the lack of visual and audio cues that are normally present in face-to-face communication
  • Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer’s Agents (1 day)
    • Help your buyers devise an effective negotiation plan, and then enact it on their behalf regardless of the transaction’s particular challenges!
  • Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing Agents (1 day)
    • Understand the unique emotional barriers that may arise for sellers, and employ effective persuasion and negotiation both WITH your sellers and FOR your sellers.
  • Negotiating Across Generations in Real Estate (3 hours)
    • A course created at the request of previous CNE graduates to help agents understand the needs and differences of each generation that may be involved in a transaction.
  • Cultural Factors in Real Estate Negotiations (3 hours)
    • From the RENI Website:  Students will leave this course with an understanding of aggressive cultural negotiation tactics and how to deal effectively with negotiators who use these tactics.

Benefits of the Training

The MCNE courses give you some serious and powerful in-depth tools for many of the unique negotiation opportunities that arise in the real estate industry.

For instance, negotiation through email and electronic communication channels can be complicated for those agents who rely heavily on face-to-face, nonverbal cues such as body language and facial expression. If that’s you, this certification will prepare you to proceed with confidence in remote negotiation sessions.

Also, with baby-boomers frequently downsizing and new homebuyers coming in from the ranks of young families, wouldn’t it be great to have a handle on the complexities of cross-generational negotiating? Well, this certification gives you that edge as well!

Ready to take your own negotiation skills to the next level? Come check out our calendar for the time and location that works for you! Start knocking out those MCNE courses now.