Multiple Offers Take Realtors By Surprise

Don’t let multiple offers on your real estate listings catch you off guard!

multiple offersOur real estate market has done an about face in the past few months. Real estate agents had grown accustomed to long listing periods and tough negotiations as buyers took advantage of a market that was definitely in their favor.  With the markets dramatic shift to a sellers market many real estate professionals have been caught off guard when not one, but two or three offers are presented within days.

Realtors(R) are wondering “how do I help my seller choose the right contract when presented multiple offers?” and “how do I help sellers negotiate for the best price and terms?”.  Additionally, where more than one buyer is very interested, and with the restrictions in the mortgage industry, how can real estate brokers negotiate a backup offer?

There’s no doubt, for agents to properly advise and protect their sellers, education is in order!  Oliver Frascona, a locally renowned instructor and real estate attorney, presents to agents new and affectieve strategy using real-world examples and plenty of humor! The time to get educated is BEFORE you encounter a multiple offer situation.

After attending this three-hour course on Multiple Offer Stategy you will understand:

  • How to handle multiple offers on a property
  • What is a first right of refusal and how they affect your marketing, communications and incoming offers
  • How to accept a backup offer and use it to your seller’s advantage
  • Multiple contracts
  • Understanding the dangers of lease/option contracts

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